Bristol Bird Club remains viable

Posted by Richard Blanton on Bristol Birds:

Nine members and two guests braved the cold and snow to visit the home of Janice and Fred Martin to discuss the future of the Bristol Bird Club last night.  Said discussion was a result of falling membership, attendance at meetings, repetitious programs and previous changes to the bylaws that required officers to step down after 2 years among other things.

After some heartfelt exchange of ideas that began at 7:30, we decided to put to a vote a motion to extend the life of the club through June and the annual picnic so that we could have ample time to create a road map for the future and measure results of whether the new direction was having affect.  The motion passed 4-1 (with 4 abstentions).

As part of the extension, it was necessary to elect two new officers to which I personally volunteered for VP of Marketing and Programs.  The motion passed unanimously.  Mary Clark volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer.  That motion too passed unanimously.

Before departing at 9:05 p.m, we discussed a few dates regarding a planning meeting to set the agenda / road map for the months between this meeting and the extension that was passed.  That currently is TBD pending the approval of a venue.  An additional notification will be sent once said meeting venue and date is finalized.  I strongly encourage anyone with any interest in the Bristol Bird Club continuing beyond June to consider attending.

I will close for now by saying that I want to give Janice and Fred Martin a sincere thanks for not only opening their home but for all the dedicated years of service to the Bristol Bird Club.  I wish them nothing but the best on their upcoming move to Kentucky and hope to see them in the future when visiting my own family in the Ohio River Valley area.  Likewise, I would also like to extend a sincere thanks to outgoing VP of Programs (Dave Worley) and Treasurer (Diane Worley).  The four of you carried the club through what has been it’s most difficult year.  I am certain that your dedication to the club saved what we hope to build upon going forward.


Rick Blanton

BBC VP of Marketing / Programs

Johnson City, TN